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Brad Zinn

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Comedy impressionist Brad Zinn produced a highly successful show
at the Herberger Theatre in Phoenix in April of 2005.

The show featured Brad Zinn's Great Comedians, the Imation Dance troupe,
and the Steve Gold Orchestra.
(Click on the poster above for a larger view)

If you were there you know how exciting this show was, and how well it
was received. We have had many, many requests for copies of this
extravaganza on video so folks could re-live the excitement over and over
again, and to send to those friends and family unable to attend in person.
Well, we have good news!

"The Great Comedians" was taped using three professional broadcast
quality digital cameras and has been edited into a 'highlights' version for
final release. This 'highlights' version includes 53+ minutes of the best
moments of the entire performance.

You'll see comedy impressions of Johnny Carson, George Burns,
Will Rogers, Jack Benny, W.C. Fields, Groucho, Jimmy Durante,
Red Skelton, and much more - including the surprise Groucho finale!

This keepsake video, which we know will bring laughter and memories to you
and your family and friends, is value priced at $15 for the DVD, plus postage
and handling of $4.50 per unit shipped. (Total $19.50 US)

Here's how to place your order; Send an email to
and tell us how many copies you wish to order. Also include
your name, mailing address and a daytime phone number where
we can reach you to arrange your payment by check or credit card.

Do NOT send your credit card information by email!

We will contact you to securely arrange all the details.

Thank you for helping us to make this video a best seller.
And remember, they make great gifts!

Share the memories and the wholesome laughter of the
greatest comedians of the 20th Century.
If the world ever needed a good clean laugh, it's NOW!

Available in DVD Region 1 only.

And coming soon! A new book by Brad Zinn:
"Tribute To The Great Comedians."

Chapters include entries on 25 of the most notable
laugh makers of the 20th Century. With illustrations by
noted artist Steve Parker. Watch this website for more details.

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