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Brad Zinn Comes Full Circle by Bob Kubota

Brad Zinn

The Show

Brad Zinn in "The Great Comedians -

"Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men"


The happiest and most lighthearted 90 minutes of theatre
you have ever experienced!

Over 200 laughs, 23 classic comedians,
one performer on stage.

In the honored theatrical tradition of one man plays such as Hal Holbrook in
Mark Twain Tonight!, James Whitmore in Will Rogers, USA, and Frank Gorshin in Say Goodnight, Gracie, comes comedy impressionist Brad Zinn's The Great Comedians. Brad Zinn began his acting career at the age of five and his more than four decades of stage experience are showcased in this one completely unique, unforgettable presentation. Coming to the stage after two years of research and writing, Brad has performed The Great Comedians - Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men for more than fifteen years to international critical and audience acclaim.

The central theme of The Great Comedians is one man's childhood journey to becoming an entertainer, inspired by the Golden Age of Television, and the veteran entertainers who populated the airwaves. Brad lovingly and authentically keeps alive the high traditions of the original creators of American humor, such as Johnny Carson, Will Rogers, George Burns, Jack Benny, W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Red Skelton and many more. The show is more than just laughs, though. Brad reveals the warm wit, wisdom, and life-affirming philosophies that elevated these performers into permanent icons of American culture.

"Surely those you pay tribute to are applauding along with your audiences." "Even the kids loved it!" "A wonderful medicine for broken hearts." "Excellent, superb, fantastic show."

Audience members

The Great Comedians celebrates the diversity of American pop culture humor of the 20th Century. The show bridges generations with hilarity and clean, timeless laughs. While those over 40 will have no trouble identifying with the entertainers portrayed in the program, younger generations find it a totally enlightening glimpse into show business history. In a style of humor they may never have been exposed to, as the play unfolds they find themselves laughing alongside their parents and grandparents. The presentation makes a powerful emotional connection with those who remember, while delivering a thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining theatrical experience for everyone.

"Brad recently performed for over 500�I was simply delighted at the response. His interaction with the audience was exactly what was needed, bringing out the best in all ages."

Teresa Swanson, Activities Dir.

The Great Comedians is best received by a multigenerational audience, and parents and grandparents alike are encouraged to "bring a teenager!" There is simply no other one man show like this.

"When I meet someone like you who not only is a consummate professional but also an actor who is truly concerned about all aspects of his delivery, how it will affect the audience, the community and also how it will work hand in hand with the producer - I am impressed. We hit it on the nail with your concert!"

Carmela Ramirez, Director, Phoenix Center for the Arts.

The Great Comedians is easy to stage, and is a perfect fit for your Theatre Series, Contemporary Arts Series, Dinner Theatre Series, or as a Bonus Event. The venues that have experienced this presentation, have resoundingly requested a return engagement. A detailed press kit will make promotion and ticket sales a pleasure, and comedy impressionist Brad Zinn's four decades of theatrical experience assure you of a first class experience, both on and off stage.Plan now to put The Great Comedians on your schedule. Make it a point to contact us today for best rates and availability.

If the world ever needed a few good clean laughs, it's now.

Your audiences will thank you!

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A Synopsis of
Brad Zinn in The Great Comedians
"Those Felt Hat and Big Cigar Funny Men"


    Comedy impressionist Brad Zinn in The Great Comedians is a heartfelt salute to his childhood heroes that includes plenty of comedy, music, juggling, magic, rope spinning, audience participation, and extended impersonations of George Burns, Jack Benny, Johnny Carson, and Will Rogers. Brad's impressions also include Groucho Marx, Jimmy Durante, George Jessel, Fred Allen, and Red Skelton.

    The show begins with Brad's own comedy and interactions with the audience, followed by a memorable "Tonight Show" visit with Carnac, the Magnificent (Johnny Carson) that leads smoothly into a visit from the inventor of the "topical monologue" - Will Rogers. Will enters spinning a rope and regales the audience with witty observations from the world of current events, circa 1932. Amazingly, Will's folksy satire sounds as though it could have been ripped straight from today's headlines! (All videos below are less than two minutes in length.)


Next is an uncanny recreation of George Burns. George talks about his early years in show business up to the point when he met and married Gracie Allen and they became an instant success. George finishes with a poignant "Say goodnight, Gracie." Gracie's voice is heard to cheerily reply, "Goodnight!"

The only person that can follow George Burns is of course, his old friend, Jack Benny. Jack (as portrayed by Brad) strolls onstage with horn rimmed glasses and violin in hand. He is forever age 39 and can get more laughs with just a "look" than other other comedian in history. Jack regales the audience with his famous violin solo, "Love in Bloom."

The show's rousing finale is an original song - "The Great Comedians," written by Brad and accomplished musician Bill Swayze. The song includes segments highlighting W. C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Fred Allen, Jimmy Durante, Ed Sullivan, George Jessel, Red Skelton, and many others.

Brad Zinn's The Great Comedians is a 60 to 90 minute one man play of comedy, music, song, juggling, magic and impressions that is aimed at American audiences aged 40 and above. Younger folks are encouraged to attend with their parents or grandparents!

The show requires minimal staging and lights, and can be presented with recorded music tracks or up to a six piece live orchestra. Brad's wife Brenda is the sound engineer, stage manager and an inseparable part of the program.

Vaudeville Style Sand Paintings

Brenda also performs Vaudeville Style Sand Painting as an optional pre-show warm up. Magician S.S. Henry had great success with Sand Paintings in his show, as well as magician Lester Lake.  S.S. Henry taught Melba Dew the art of sand painting in the late 1930's. Just a few years ago, Melba passed the secrets of the art on to Brenda. Melba Dew performed in vaudeville and nightclubs of the 1930's, 40's, 50's, and 60's and is the last living exponent of this lost art.

Brenda creates three fully realized pictures in brightly colored sand in just under 14 minutes. This is not like the sand "drawings" you currently see on television commercials! These pictures are created in full color right before your very eyes.

Enjoy the video below!
 (Allow time to load and turn up your speakers. Six minutes in length.)


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